Lunch Program Overview


 Holy Cross Regional School will be continuing their hot lunch program in cooperation with Great Valley School District for the 2019-2020 school year.


Great Valley’s Program offers us fresh lunches Monday through Thursday. Meals are delivered to school every day.  Fruits and vegetables now make up a larger portion of the each meal. We work hard to ensure that students have a variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from each week. This year we are offering a different vegetable sub-group every day.  The vegetable sub-groups include, dark green, red/orange, starchy, beans and legumes, and others.  Students are now required to take 3/4 cup of fruit or vegetable with their meal. 


The children will have the choice of selecting a hot meal or a cold alternate meal each day.  Both of these selections will include all the sides listed with the hot meal entree, including milk, and the price is $3.75. On Tuesday, the Alternate Salad meal is $4.00. Extra entrees are available for grades 6-8 only for $1.70, but you must order a lunch in order to get the extra entrée.


Since we need to pre-order the meals a month ahead of time, we cannot offer credits.  If a child is absent and ordered lunch, that meal can go to a sibling. We would need a note requesting this first thing in the morning.  

We will have an ala carte salad on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This salad costs $1.75 and does not include any side items or a drink.


Ala carte milk and assorted juices will be available everyday.  Juice is 6 oz @ $.50.  Milk is 8oz @ $.60 and students have a choice of fat-free white milk, fat-free chocolate milk and 1% white milk daily.


Special Friday Lunches - Pizza & Chick-Fil-A

We will continue our special lunch selections of either Pizza ($2.80) or Chick-Fil-A ($4.60).


On Pizza Day, we order from a local Pizza shop.  Slices are $2.80 each and includes chips and a drink (ice tea, lemonade or milk). You may order more than one slice and a drink at an additional $2.80.  


On Chick-Fill-A Day, we offer 8 piece nuggets or chicken sandwich.  We also offer grilled nuggets which are gluten free.  Price is $4.60 and includes chips and a drink (ice tea, lemonade or milk). 


Since these meals are also pre-ordered, no credits can be taken, but if you write a note, we will be more than happy to give the absent child’s meal to a sibling. No extra meals are available if your child forgets their lunch on Fridays. They will be offered a peanut butter and jelly, just jelly or just peanut butter sandwich. 


Please make sure you check your personal calendar so you don’t order lunch on a day you know your child will be absent.  We will try to ensure that all school activities will be listed on the calendar.


This lunch program is not part of the National School Lunch Program; therefore we will not be offering Free Meals.  Reduced meals are available @ $2.00. Children from lower income families may be eligible for reduced price meals.  Families have to submit a paper application for review.  Applications are available at Holy Cross website. Please send your paper application in an envelope to school attn: Karen Thomas as soon as possible.

Parents please make sure when you pack your children’s lunch from home that you include all the supplies they need to eat their lunch i.e., utensils, napkins, straws and a drink. Water is available if your child forgets their drink.  We cannot supply all the children with utensils and napkins who forget them.


Food Allergies:

If you child has any food allergy, please notify us in writing.   

Peanut Allergies- In the past we have had several children with severe peanut allergies.  To make sure they have a safe and happy lunch time we can provide a special peanut free table for them. This table will be available if requested and will be marked with a sign, so your child knows where they can sit.  Any questions please contact us. 


Our school lunch program is coordinated through the Option C Parent Portal. In order to place an order, use  Lunch ordering instructions can be found on the home page of the school website:

Forgetten Lunches

Should your child forget their lunch, and you are not available to bring it to school, we will provide your child either with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and milk for $1.75 or a hot lunch for $3.75 (only if we have an extra). A bill (due the following day) will be sent home with your child that afternoon.

Past Due Bills

When we bill you please pay the bill!  We need to collect the money so we can pay our bills to Great Valley. 

Order Problems     

If your child feels he/she is not receiving an item she/he has ordered, please encourage them to speak with us and we will check the original order.  Please inform your children each day what has been ordered.


Parent Volunteers

Parent Volunteers need to come in with close toe shoes and your hair tied back (if you have long hair). This is Health Department regulation.  Please arrive by 11:15 a.m. 


We look forward to working with you this year.  If you need to contact us, please call school at 610-489-9434 ext 2115

Thank you for your cooperation…………………………Karen Thomas and Sharon Drummy