Emergency Policies / Procedures

Emergency Cards

At the beginning of each school year, parents are required to complete two Student Emergency Information cards which are sent home during the first few days in September.  It is imperative that the school be able to reach you to inform you of illness or an emergency situation. It is also important to list the names of others who can be contacted should you be unavailable.  Please keep the office updated of any changes.

Emergency Closings and Delays

School closings, prior to school hours or while school is in session, may be announced as follows:

  • Website: hcrc.school

  • WPVI - 6 (Closing number is #283)

  • Voice mail and email through OptionC)

Our school follows the directions of the Perkiomen Valley School District (#317) and/or the Springford School District (#308) regarding closings and early dismissals. Be aware that the opening and closing of city Archdiocesan schools may not affect our status.  A phone contact will be implemented in the event of an unplanned school closing or for other emergencies through the OptionC System.  This family phone contact my only be used with the approval of the principal.  Availability of bus transportation in inclement weather is determined by the school district where you reside.  Be aware that Holy Cross may be open, but your school district may not be providing transportation.  We do our best to notify parents when an emergency occurs; however, circumstances beyond our control may hinder or delay this process.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL  FOR THIS INFORMATION.

Emergency Dismissals

In the event that we would be required to dismiss school early, this information will be announced through home phones, cell phones emails and on the school website. The school will follow the instructions on how you want your child to go home that was indicated on the Emergency Closing form which you submitted to the school office in the beginning of the school year. Be sure to keep a copy of your plan so that you are aware of what choice you indicated.  This plan must be enforced for the child(ren)’s safety. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL OFFICE WITH DISMISSAL CHANGES DURING AN EMERGENCY DISMISSAL.