Our school lunch program is coordinated through the OptionC Parent Portal. Parents will have online access to the Lunch Module by logging into with their username and password.  This will allow parents to place lunch orders online and view real-time account balances for each of their children.

Each month, the lunch module will be open the first Monday of each month until the 15th of the month during which time your order must be placed through your OptionC Parent Portal.  We will send you reminder emails for the dates for ordering.   No changes to your order can be made once the ordering time frame has ended. 

All payments will still be made payable to Holy Cross Regional School.  No order forms are required - just your check with your student's name in the memo. 


1.  Login to 

2.  Click on the button "Lunch Ordering".  This also lists the due date for orders.

3.  The menu for the ordering month will now be viewable listing the main entree.  *Remember - there is an alternate lunch available each day besides the main entree.  Also, milk is included in the price of an entree.

4.  Enter the quantity you would like to order for each daily menu item and for each child you have in the system.

5.  There is no "save" button.  Your choices that you have selected will be ordered once the due date has passed.  This way, you are able to make changes up until the due date.

6.  Your total amount due will show in the bottom left hand corner of the ordering page.  Do not use the over balance that is listed on your dashboard.  This total reflects that payment made for lunches not yet taken in the previous month.   Please send in your payment as soon as possible.  Cash or checks made payable to Holy Cross Regional School are accepted.