Bishop's Tuition Transfer Grant Program

The Office of Catholic Education  is happy to announce a new Bishop’s Tuition Transfer Grant program now available to any public, private or charter school student (grades 2 through 7) who transfers to Holy Cross Regional Catholic School.

Upon acceptance, eligible students will receive $1,500 in total tuition grants.  This grant is paid over two years – $1,000 toward their tuition in year one and $500 toward their second year tuition.

The following process must be followed to be considered for this award:

  • Prospective families must complete and submit the financial aid application (FACTS) by the specified deadline.

  • After receiving the grant request, the school contacts the prospective family to schedule a visit and interview.

  • Following the interview and visit, the school makes an admission decision.

  • Students who accept the Bishop Tuition Transfer Grant must maintain attendance through the first trimester.